Creative Health Explorations

This integrative program combines health coaching methodologies and therapeutic art practices within a group setting. This program can be tailored to teachers, healthcare workers, professionals and administrators.

Healing Thyme | Herbalism and Nutrition Education

Our herbalism and nutrition educational classes can be singularly offered, or pieced together into a custom workshop.

Creative Health Explorations

Program components include:

  • health coaching
  • art making: painting, collaging, sculpting, drawing, doll making, photo journaling
  • creative and reflecting writing
  • guided imagery
  • active listening and witnessing
  • feedback and social support
  • fun, play and celebration

Herbal Allys & Nutritious Classes

These classes feature topics, such as:

  • herbs to nourish the nervous system
  • herbs to address digestive wellness
  • herbs to cultivate sexuality
  • plant guided transformative imagery
  • culturing foods, culturing people
  • mindful eating & food choice

Next Steps...

Contact us for more information on how to bring our programs to your school, workplace, or community.