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Christine Leonard | Individuation 2017

This reflection upon my path of individuation has highlighted the epiphinal, the synchronous and the dark moments of my life. The layers of my being ripple and are reflected by the layers of relationship with the world, the context within which I exist. This is the spiritual self as the center, unfolding within the oocyte, the genetic foundation of ancestral influence. The waters and waves of emotion and ocean surround, beneath the lush green mountains of Maui where I sought to know myself at a pivotal point in my life. The sunrise and the sunset are the times when I reflect and pray. The prayers flow through my hands as offerings and art making.

"You are a cave of jewels". ~Karyn Sanders

My Creative Health 2017

Home Mandala Making

During my Master's Program at CIIS I rediscovered mandala making in a whole new way. The deep saturation of colors, fine points and focus were a welcome accompaniment to the academic endeavors of the program. Taking a break from research and writing helps me connect with my higher self, integrate and assimilate. Drawing and painting relieves the stress of school and provides uplifting emotional support.

Blue Otter School for Energetic Herbalism 2013

Garden Mandala Mural

During this 4-month intensive herbalism program with Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes in foothills near Mount Shasta my relationship with the plants deepened. This mural was my final project for the program, a creative exploration of my experience with the plants. Here I brought the silhouette of certain plants into the mandala. Garden art is not only for the people, but as a companion to the growing plants.

free range sewing

Quilted Landscapes

Without the constraints of the sewing machine feeder foot the threads run wild. The needle draws the lines, connecting and embellishing the work. Inspired by my good friend I began to explore fabric collaging of abstract landscapes. The sound and vibration of the sewing machine is a soothing outlet. The textures of the thai silk, Guatemalan textiles, tie dye and corduroy contribute to the movement and depth of the landscape.

Working in 3 dimensions

Wool, Willow and Earth

From the fine art of spinning and needle felting wool fibers to the bending of willow into baskets, creating these goods are a lifestyle. Fibers and vessels are expressions as well as a lifestyle. Surrounding ourselves with beautiful handmade things is a true cultural luxury.


Leather & Beads

Tuning in to these tiny decorations is a therapeutic patience practice. As I ventured into these practices, I studied and played with pattern and color choice. This collection of glass beads came to me as a complete set and I have been exploring ornamentation of various sorts, along with doing some light metal wire work. Since these came to me I have worked with a few 8-10 year old girls who adore concentrating on beading tasks for hours.